Monday, June 15, 2015


Apple Tree Quiet Book Page

The apples are on little snaps, and you can snap them off the tree and put them in the bucket.

You will need

  • Felt clothes(brown,green,red,blue and orange) 
  • Snaps
  • Glue


From your red felt, you are going to want to cut out eight apples 

  First we are going to start with making the little apples. Since you've already cut them out into apple shapes, the next step is to apply leaf ,stems and  snaps to the back of the cut outs .You are just going to want to apply 1/2 of the snap (the top or bottom) to the apple, and save the other 1/2 for application to the green felt of the tree.

Cut out the brown felt square and the green felt square into the shape of a tree and tree trunk. For the tree (green) part, I just cut out what looks like a fluffy cloud shape, and then when I gummed it on the page, I set the brown tree trunk part in front of the green cloud shape so it looks more like a tree top with the branches protruding it.

Cut out the blue felt (or whatever color your bucket is) into a bucket or basket shape. Make sure that the bucket mouth (width in between the handles) is big enough to fit the width of an apple in. And make sure to cut the bucket deep enough to fit a few apples in there.

 Cut out blue and orange felt cloth into butterfly shape (Velcro added on the backside of the butterfly)

 Cut out green felt cloth into the shape green grass and gummed it.

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