Wednesday, January 27, 2016



  • Raw Rice-2 Cups
  • Ripe Small Bananas- 3 
  • Jaggery -1 Cup /250g (As Per Your Taste)
  • Black Sesame Seeds- 1/4 Tsp
  • Coconut Bits - As Needed
  • Cardamom Powder-1 Teaspoon
  • Salt-A Pinch
  • Oil- For Frying
  • Water-1/4-1/2 Cup
  • Ghee -2 Teaspoon


Soak the raw rice in water for about 3-4 hours.

In the meanwhile, melt jaggery with 1/4-1/2 cup of hot water and make a thick syrup out of it, Strain it and cool the syrup.

Drain the water from the rice and grind the rice to a smooth paste using the jaggery solution.
If the batter is too thick then add enough water as and when required. 

Add cardamom powder along with salt and chopped bananas and grind everything together to a smooth nice batter.

Fry the coconut bits/thenga kothu in 2 teaspoon of ghee till it become light brown in colour.

Now add the fried coconut bits and sesame seeds to the batter and mix well.

Keep this batter for 1-2 hour in a tight container. In the meantime if the batter has thickened up or is too tight, add milk/jiggery solution to make it again to a thick batter consistency.

Place the Unniyappam pan on the stove and pour equal amounts of oil (about a tbsp of each) into each round. Each round should be half full. (The level of the oil in the pan will rise with the addition of the batter; consider this when you pour oil into the pan).

When hot simmer the flame and pour half ladlefuls of batter into each round.
Now increase the fire to medium and allow the unniappams to cook, pour oil in the rounds whenever needed.

Once cooked, the sides will detach from the pan and will start to rotate in the oil, if not with the help of a fork turn the unniyappam to cook on the other side to a golden color. Once the Unniyappam are browned both on the bottoms and tops, remove them from the pan using a metal skewer or with a pair of forks.
Allow them to drain well on paper towels and repeat the same process to make the rest of the unniappams.

Cool them to room temperature. Serve and Enjoy!

 If you are using rice flour then lightly roast the flour and mix the flour with jaggery solution and proceed from step-4.

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